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Save the planet with your digital tool

— A 5-step, human-centered guide

Not every hero wears a cape.
Some develop digital tools with a positive impact.
Learn how to increase your NPO's impact through:

  • Digital tools
  • The digitalization of internal organizational processes
  • Understanding your target group's needs
  • Finding completely new opportunities and leverage.

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Today's world is fast-paced. Your NPO's work is too valuable to be left behind.

Problems we will discuss during this webinar:

1. Limited resources
Find ways to maximize your impact while minimizing your expenses.
2. Lack of impact
Achieve the level of impact you desire.
3. Limited reach
Reach your intended audience, and explore new ways to increase your reach.
4. Difficulty proving an impact
Demonstrate the impact of your work to secure funding and support.
5. Digital tools and skills
Learn how to access the necessary digital knowledge to achieve your goals effectively.
6. Uncertainty about the next steps
Get an idea of what could be the best steps for your digital tool.


What you will learn in this session.

Our ultimate goal is to help NPOs achieve a sustainable, lasting impact.

One tool for this can be the development of digital tools decision-makers want to use. So let's take a look at how you can achieve that.

Together, we'll:

  • Assess the potential of your NPO's digital tool by considering the target group.
  • Work towards fulfilling that potential step by step.
  • Explore creating a product strategy, marketing, human-centered design, and a science-based evaluation.

But it's not just about creating an acing digital tool – it's about making sure it has a real impact.

That's why we'll also cover how to:

  • Prioritize features based on results rather than guesswork.
  • Focus on more reach, engagement, and better decision-making.

Join us and get the necessary knowledge to continue taking the right steps after the webinar.

Your webinar host

Sebastian Ullherr, Gründer interfacewerk

Sebastian Ullherr | Managing Partner of interfacewerk

Sebastian is dedicated to help organizations and companies to build digital tools with a positive impact.


Global Plastic IQ

Plastic IQ is a data-driven digital platform to help companies end plastic waste.
Any company producing or consuming plastic packaging can be part of the movement to advance towards circular economy by improving their plastic footprint.

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