User Experience (UX) Design & Prototyping

UX Design starts with a user-centered requirements analysis and prototyping and moves on to wireframes and screen designs. Depending on your situation, we find the right mix of UX methods to make your product more user-centered – and therefore – better.

Using UX processes we find the features that are valuable for users

With a combination of methodological knowledge, practical research and technical expertise, our designers develop concepts with a focus on the essentials. Using methods such as Design Studio, Domain Storytelling and collaborative prototyping, we iteratively approach the concept that has the highest benefit for the user.

UX Research leads to satisfied users

With user context analyses, user interviews and scientific surveys we make the foundation for good user concepts with a high return on investment. Always pragmatic, practical and using prototyping to stay close to the users.

Good user experience often remains invisible – unless it is missing!

A user-centered and validated product – with pragmatic prototyping

You can generate first testable prototypes with pen and paper within a few hours. By doing that, we generate new knowledge at an early stage in the design process and focus on the essential features. As the project progresses, the prototypes become more sophisticated: after paper, we proceed with clickable wireframes and finally, if you want, a completely clickable prototype in the final screen design to test and validate even the smallest graphic details before they go into development.

With usability testing, we check assumptions and find the right way to product development

Product development is not linear. It is often necessary to create knowledge about whether features are needed or understood. We carry out scientific usability tests with the target group, automate the testing phase and, thus, iteratively gain more and more knowledge and increase the user experience and quality of the product.

Usability test example

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