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Agile software development with solid architecture, modern DevOps and a pragmatic testing strategy ensures quality and creates sustainable software.

Our guide for you: Software architecture with Nx and Domain-Driven Design

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Fast proof of concept or a solid product: we must use expensive development time efficiently

We see two core perspectives for software development: you want to generate knowledge quickly or you want to convince stakeholders to make a larger investment in the first step? In this case, we can build a pragmatic technical proof of concept quickly and cost-effectively. Or do you want to create a sustainable product that builds on an MVP step by step? In that case we focus on the core functionality. Optimizing the quality of these functions is the best way in this case.

Solid architecture, DevOps & testing reduce costs and increase expandability

Not every new programming language, not every new framework has more benefits than difficulties. We help choosing the right technology and, based on our long experience, we set up the optimal architecture for your application. This includes not only the frameworks used, but also building processes and a testing strategy. Only if these processes are in place you can avoid errors and guarantee stability and expandability.

Knowledge transfer of our experts to customer teams ensures sustainable software

Sometimes experience can be bought - our team of experts will set up an architecture and then gradually train your staff to further develop this architecture. In this way, we make the foundation for you to continue working independently and on the long term. Therefore, we plan joint workshops and, if necessary, coaching or pair-programming to achieve maximum knowledge transfer.

Web technologies are the future of user interfaces

With their ability for accessibility, multilingualism, responsive layouts and the most modern UI frameworks currently available (Angular, React, Vue), web technologies form a flexible basis for almost all use cases. This is especially the case, since web technologies are often the most cost-effective - because most flexible - solution to bring custom software to the market without budgets in the millions, but still in high quality. If necessary, also natively in the form of progressive web apps (PWAs).

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