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Our vision is to shape a sustainable future together with our clients, where everyone benefits from the amazing power of technology. We do that by co-creating people-centered products & environments.

We value human-centric processes and high software quality. This enables us and our customers to work in a focused, agile manner. Even though we work on many projects, we still do it as one team – together. Because the high complexity of the projects we work on - e.g. Plastic IQ or HALerium can hardly be solved as a single person. A high level of trust in each individual continues to characterize us – we trust each other to make good decisions yourself, but support you at all times. This allows us to work together optimally, whether remotely or in the office.

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How we are

  • We strive for continuous improvement of our processes with constant feedback.
  • We love working remotely.
  • We avoid stress by giving everyone the freedom to plan their time flexibly and minimize external interruptions.
  • We are proud of our transparent, open communication and don’t hesitate to ask for support when stuck.
  • We support every team member to further develop both their technical as well as their personal skills.
  • We work in a beautiful office in a central but quite old building in Schwabing which is well connected to public transport.
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  • We minimize the number and length of required meetings as well as the number of participants to not waste time.
  • We work with state-of-the-art equipment and use state-of-the-art technologies because it’s more efficient and more fun.
  • We have regular internal workshops, trainings and social events to brighten everyone's horizon.
  • We see ourselves as technological advocates in web technologies helping our clients to gain a crucial advantage over their competitors.
  • We like to come up with solutions that have a clear focus on usability (there is already enough bad software out there).
  • We love to play (e.g. Kicker or Mario Kart) to blow away the cobwebs!
  • We aim at learning and growing everyday by using coaching opportunities and through collaborating with colleagues who are passionate about what they do.
  • We are on good terms with our clients and communicate requirements and expectations openly and clearly.

How we are not

  • We do not stick to processes just because “it was always done like that”
  • We don’t do fake agile where processes come before people.
  • We don’t do overtime as we appreciate time with friends and family as much as you do.
  • We often do not have to deal with legacy code because we can start on the green field, introducing new and state-of-the art technologies.
  • We don’t blame anyone. We take mistakes as what they are: learning opportunities.
  • We don't force anyone to sit in unproductive meetings all day. We value short, well-prepared meetings with few participants.

Workday of a Developer at interfacewerk

  1. 09:00

    After you have got yourself a strengthening butter pretzel at the Münchner Freiheit, you come to the sunny office at around 9. There are no time limits. Of course you can also get a tasty coffee. The day always begins with a short slack-good-morning round. If you work remotely, you can see in Slack who will be working on what today and also share your plans for the day there.

    First check the ticket system for project Sigma HMI: Development of the front end for the latest milling machine of a well-known manufacturer of precision tools. For the morning you will have 2 tickets: "Create custom form control" and "Add navigation bar".

  2. 10:00

    And that's Tea Time. Over a cup of freshly brewed tea with fruit salad and cookies you talk about your ideas for the Mario Kart/Kicker championship and make some suggestions for the Team Lunch on Friday. As we at Tea Time always write a short message in Slack, you will always be reminded to take a little break.

  3. 10:15

    Until lunch break, you have focus time with your team mates. Everyone who works with you on Project Sigma HMI is now present and not involved in other projects. You do a short pair coding session with your colleague Anna, then you work individually and focused again.

  4. 12:00

    You're spoilt for choice for lunch. Today you will have a burrito from the Condesa, which you will enjoy during your lunch break in the Team Zone. Our remote team members are usually a bit jealous of it, although there is also great food near the Paris coworking space.

  5. 12:30

    After a lunch together in the Team Zone you decide for a small walk. Spontaneously, a few colleagues will join you to bring exercise and fresh air into everyday life. Even if you're working from home from the co-working space, we recommend a little exercise.

  6. 13:15

    At 13:15 you are in call with an engineer of our client for the project of a Munich Tech Startup: Angular Transformation. For the feature “display job dashboard”, which you want to implement in the afternoon, you get some input. After a 20-minute conversation, you'll understand all the requirements and feel confident. You can already start with the implementation.

  7. 13:35

    You briefly discuss the result with your project manager Matthias (3 minutes) and then get to work. The afternoon is calm and you can work focused.

  8. 15:00

    To get some variety and to vary your position, you change to a bar table for one hour. Yesterday you tried a balance stool, today it's the bar table. If you come to one of our team events as a remote team member, you can try it out.

  9. 16:00

    You play a game of kicker with your colleagues. Today Kevin - our Kicker Champion - just arrived from Paris, so unfortunately you lose. And if you're not in the game, you'll know that Kevin has won again.

  10. 17:00

    You create the first version of the new feature “display job dashboard” shortly before closing time and get some feedback from the designer Anna if your implementation is as planned. This only takes 5 minutes. Anna still has a few suggestions for improvement, which you can make for the next day.

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