Webinar for NGOs and digital product creators

who want to create a positive impact with digital tools


Why your digital product fails to have impact –
A human-centered reality-check in 8 steps

Using Sebastian’s self-developed Impact Funnel, you’ll learn how to:

  • Carry out a full circle analysis of your digital tool or product
  • Apply the results in your everyday product decisions
  • Help your users reach their goals
  • Maximize the impact you and your users will have

We will achieve this with rigorous reality checks and a scientific mindset in order to not fool ourselves.

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You should be joining our webinar especially if you are struggling with these issues:

  • You are not being able to prove impact
  • You want to make the most out of limited budget
  • You want to prioritise features based on results, not on guesswork
  • You are in the course of getting funding, or you are arguing for funding

Who you'll be talking to

Sebastian Ullherr, Gründer interfacewerk

Sebastian Ullherr | Managing Partner of interfacewerk


Let's get our hands dirty!

Real-world impact – this general goal is part of every new digital product, even though it’s sometimes not concretely put.
But what is a product, if using it, we don’t want to change some part of our world for the better?

In this webinar, we will show an approach to analyse a product, and step by step figure out what the real world impact can be, what it really is and how to maximise it.

We will do that by assessing the potential, based on the target group who’s supposed to be using the product, and work towards fulfilling that potential in a series of steps that include product strategy, marketing, human-centered design as well as a science-based evaluation.

You will receive material to follow along with these steps and take them with you so you can continue the work after the webinar is done.

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