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Laura Holder


"I try not to think out of the box anymore, but on its edge, its corner, its flap, and under its bar code." - Clint Runge


Working at interfacewerk since July 2021 as UX Consultant

Helping our clients to understand what their customers' need and show them how to combine this knowledge with business goals and the optimisation of the product.


Walt Disney Method – you can use the method in many different ways. But whether you use it for feedback, ideation or simple brainstorming, you will always get a variety of answers in a short time.


Be empathetic and thus able to bond with people relatively quickly

#LIKE(S) 😍

It's pretty easy to say what I like: dog training, photography, interior, travelling, networking, doing creative things and spending time with my family & friends. UX-related I love to dig deep into details, understand complex topics, do interviews, try out new methods, share my knowledge, do workshops, use Figma or Miro, prepare presentations or do ideation sessions together with colleagues.


Unorganized things, stress, unpunctuality, constant rain


Get up early, open the terrace door and let the dog in the garden for a short. Grab. coffee and take the time to check emails & slack, start with focus work and have one productive meeting. During my lunch break, I have a quick nap, go for a walk with the dog or do a training session in the garden with him and have something to eat. When getting back to the laptop, I still have some time to sort myself out, then go into meetings or workshops with full power. As I start my day early I can end it early as well and enjoy the evening or give some dog training hours.

my personal # for interfacewerk:

#realworklifebalance #peoplecentered #uxisthekeytosuccess #remoteworking

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