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Meet Anna S.




“Love people, not things. Use things, not people.“


UX Designer @interfacewerk since mid April 2022 – Understanding users' needs and pain points to be able to design user centered software products


Understanding complex problems, focusing on the essential & remembering random lyrics


Honesty, structure, coconut iced latte, italo pop, skiing


Rushing, fake niceties, too many windows and/or tabs open


Slow morning (not pressing the snooze button, some form of movement, coffee and breakfast, reading a book), heading off to the office by bike, focus time in the forenoon for the trickier tasks of the day, lunch break, maybe even go for a little walk, creative time in the afternoon incl. meetings, planning for the next day, heading back home by bike and having a relaxed evening with good food and maybe reading a good fantasy book.

my personal # for interfacewerk:

#humancentered #open #team #uxiskey

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