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"The easy path won't lead you to the best views."


Lean Project Lead @interfacewerk since July 2021


Organising: Things might get tricky from time to time in the project but with some effort, you can get managed every situation.

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travelling, sports (gravel-& mountain bike, hula hoop, etc.), reading books, gain knowledge in new topics, have a good chat with a friend, lego


unstructured meetings, rushing, pressure, tears


The day starts with a big cup of coffee and pure silence in my garden. After switching on my laptop I check my emails and other notifications to get ready for the day. I sync with my project teams to discuss the next steps and where we can create some cool stuff for our client.

With my teammates, I work on projects where we know we can have an impact on the user of our clients. Knowing that I supported my team to bring their work a little bit further I organize all topics and have a review on myself on where to improve the next time.

After lunch, I manage the remaining tasks of the day and set the plan for the next day before I head off to the garden or hit the road with the bike.

I close my day with some reading in one of the many recommended books of my network.

my personal # for interfacewerk

#leanpmo #teamempowerment #opencommunication #shareyouridea #havealittleideation #leaninaUXenvironment

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