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Check out why the founder, Moritz Tuerck, created interfacewerk and what he is doing at interfacewerk nowadays!




You should only get angry about things that you would still get angry about 2 years later. ~ Grandma


In 2014 Sebastian and me started interfacewerk. I’m a Senior Partner, COO and CFO in one person. Still a small company, so I wear multiple hats.

#WHAT made you decide to found your own UX consultancy?

The overall situation with digital products wasn’t great in 2014. We saw too many people having really bad user experiences with digital appliances and software tools. This had to change.

We wanted to make an impact where we can, and fast. As we wanted to bootstrap our business, we did start a consultancy. And we are loving this type of business—helping our clients to become better, human-centric and more successful with their products. Hence we are still at it.

Yes, we could have had some impact by joining an existing Design Agency. But our experience with mediocre company culture, bad management teams and disagreeable working atmosphere had severely deterred us from joining another company.

We wanted to created what you would call a “New Work” culture these days. Nobody talked about it back then. But we did it. And I think we did a good job, so far, in creating a very unique, inspiring and fair company culture.

At least, even our first employees are still around!


Grasping very complex technical, subject-specific problems of our clients and breaking them down, so we can start tackling them


my team, my family, honesty, clarity, structure, conciseness, team-effort, sailing, surfing, biking, mountaineering


What don’t you like? indecisiveness, innovation repelling systems, ambiguous communication, being late


Get up, workout session, shower, get the kids ready, focused forenoon with all meetings, biking or running session, focused afternoon slot, family time, final work slot for reading/learning.

my personal # for interfacewerk:

#dreamteam, #focused, #organised, #flexible, #caring, #excellent

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