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Lisa is the one behind the scenes in the marketing department of interfacewerk! Check out her advice to get motivated for writing!




“The beginning is half of the whole“ – Aristoteles


CRM Marketing Manager at interfacewerk

#How do you motivate yourself to write?

I think creating really good and relevant content is highly difficult. You need to acknowledge first: it takes time and a lot of thinking. For me, it is roughly 80% thinking, planning, sketching, experimenting, smashing the computer against the wall and 20% is the actual writing.

But the whole thinking process is actually where learning and growth take place. So I motivate myself by knowing that I get the chance to learn, understand, evaluate and based on that make things better in the future if I write about them.


People tell me I have decent writing skills + I love to help others create great content. Also, I never give up and like doing experiments.


Sports & dancing, iced coffees (obsessed!)


Everything around the household, being overheard because of being not loud enough


I love to start in the day calm with a coffee and make a to-do list for the day with 3 main tasks and 2 optional tasks. On a perfect day, I would definitely do a little workout in the morning (perfect days are a rare thing 😅). Then I do strategic tasks like planning and reviewing a campaign before noon. In the afternoon, I create a new landing page or cut and release a new podcast episode. During lunchtime, I have a light lunch and go for a walk or sit on my balcony.

Some fresh thoughts and a bit of variety during the day are welcome, so I like to do a usability test with one of the UX designers or have a chat in the kitchen with some colleagues (when in the office under normal circumstances). A short coffee call (we call it mystery time) with a colleague is also nice! On a perfect day, of course, some new awesome companies contact us because they like our content and see interfacewerk as a great partner for e.g. their HMI design.

Around 6 PM I tick off the topics that are ready to see the accomplishments. Then I close the computer and work out or go for a bike ride to enjoy some sun.

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