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Felix ist Developer bei interfacewerk. Lest mehr zu seinem Spezialgebiet Softwarearchitektur und was Felix den ganzen Tag bei uns macht!


Felix Lemke

About Felix!


Sr. Software Engineer @interfacewerk since May 2019


In software development, one key to success is to build a sustainable product. One part of the sustainability is tightly connected to the software architecture. And this architecture goes hand in hand with the product requirements, which in many cases are not completely clear at the beginning of a project.

When the scope of the product changes and you build upon the existing software without any adjustments, you risk that parts of the application are heavily mixed. And the more you mix things the more you increase the complexity and therefore the slower you proceed in the future.

In addition to that, good architecture can only be achieved by experience. By people who already built or participated in a successful software project at a similar or larger scale. So here is my advice: Let experienced developers decide about the architecture of the project and be open to refactorings when the scope changes.


Decompose complex problems into small chunks of simple problems, loose implementation with state management and reactive programming with #rxjs, application architecture.


All sprint goals reached. It is release day. 9 am. We start the deployment process. The pipelines succeed and no one can find any issues in the updated application. Once everything is done, there are some features to add to a well maintained and clean #Angular and #NgRX application where the project owner listened to the developers’ advice.

In between, there is our #mysterytime with random team members or some other interesting meetings. Because it is just 2 pm, I use the learning time to improve my technical toolbox and share my findings with the team.

my personal # for interfacewerk

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