About Elli!

Elli ist unser Head of UX und Innovation. Lesen Sie mehr darüber, wie sie Innovation bei interfacewerk und in unseren Projekten erreicht!

about elli


Elisabeth Engel


Head of UX & Innovationworking for interfacewerk since October 2018; supporting colleagues and customers to deliver great products

#How do you achieve innovation?

In my experience, innovation is highly fostered by free mind space and challenging topics to work on.

Especially when different viewpoints meet each other, creativity sparks and generate superpower fuel for innovation to take off.

At interfacewerk we kickstart our innovation processes with innovation days. During those days, we give our normal work rest and meet all together to challenge ourselves to fix pain points and stretch out to find new innovative solutions.

In the following weeks, we then bring the best ones alive.


Develop well-working systems and inspiring others


Looking for fresh inspirations


Working without a greater goal in mind


Starts with a creative strategy session for a corporate and a fragrant coffee. Followed by a sync meeting with a dear colleague to discuss the next steps to take.

After a healthy lunch, our project team meets online for a retrospective to reflect on the last weeks and derive learnings for the next iteration.

After a nice tea time with fruits, I meet with a social startup to analyse their current user experience and derive a strategy to reach their product vision by meeting their users' needs.

To finish the day, I read an interesting Medium article about Design System implementation and plan my next day to be even closer to perfect!

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